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Free ITIL Templates

Availability Plan Template

This generic availability plan template can be used as the basis for creating a bespoke availability plan for your organisation. It should be produced on a regular basis alongside its sister document 'the capacity plan'.

When establishing availability management it can initially be used to log actions to establish the process, function, roles and responsibilities. After the initial set-up it should be used to identify and progress availability related issues and initiatives.

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Configuration planning template

When considering how best to design and implement a CMDB it's often best to document what you intend to do and how you intend to achieve it and maintain it. It's at this stage that you will spot the issues and challenges. In the past I've used this CMDB design template as a way of getting started and explaining to stakeholders what we need to agree on as part of the CMDB design. I hope it helps?

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Service Catalogue Template

Many organisations struggle with the concept of a Service Catalogue, "What is it?", "What should it contain?" and "How do I get started?" Our FREE Generic Service Catalogue and "Getting started with Service Catalogue Management" article should help you at lease get started. Should you then require further help with training and consultancy, we would be more than happy to help.

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SLA Template

This free generic SLA template can be used to create a bespoke SLA template for your organisation. This is a service based template, but if your organisation used multi-tiered documents, you can develop templates at corporate, customer and at a service level.

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Upgrade Acceptance Criteria

This template submitted by a fellow Service Management Expert Ian Mitchell will help you define the required input and deliverables for a successful service transition. This Free upgrade acceptance criteria template could with some slight adaption be used most service roll-outs.

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